Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally a Free Day

At the top of the Spanish steps with Amanda

Crazy good lasagna

I got to sleep in for the very first time in Rome and boy did I need it.  Three of my roommates and I got ready for a BBQ at our John Cabot University campus and arrived only to find out the BBQ was the day before.  The only disappointment we felt was not having a free meal but we were so glad to finally not have a jam-packed, time-crunched day.  The three of us and a friend (also misinformed) went down a random alley near campus and ate a fabulous lunch at this little cafe.  We sat outside, took a leisurely lunch, and inhaled caprese and homemade lasagna.  A couple of my sorority sisters, including my little, are in Italy for a couple of weeks and called me from the top of the Spanish steps to come meet them.  The four us ran from our cafe and tried to navigate a way to the steps.  I really should have learned how to read a map before I got here, but we luckily managed to arrive to the steps (of course after getting a little lost first).  I ran up all of the steps and probably burned off my entire lunch.  It was so nice seeing people from home and just sitting at the top, looking down at the center of Rome.  After some catching up and a photo shoot my old friends and I parted ways and my new friends and I went on to explore the city on our own.  We took this time as an opportunity to get the BEST GELATO IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!  It is at this tiny shop, crowded with people fighting to get to the front of the counter.  My roommates and I aggressively made our way to the front and I got crema (vanilla) and cioccolato (chocolate) with the real whipped cream on top.  One of my roommates took her first bite, turned to me and said, "When I get to heaven, this better be there!"  It was so amazing and I cannot even put it into words how good it was.  Unfortunately, poor Eric was not as lucky as us and had to wait a long while to get his gelato.  Being a 6'4" male, wearing a Bud hat probably didn't help his case.  Meanwhile the rest of us finished eating and slyly took pictures of a group of nuns eating their four scoops of gelato from a chocolate cone each (those nuns did work).  Eric finally exited and the four of us then went on to go shopping (I told you I couldn't pace myself).  Overall it was an amazing free day in Rome and we tired ourselves out.  We waited a ridiculous 35 minutes at our bus stop to finally get on, only to be squished in like sardines; I practically was eating the girl's hair in front of me.  We got off the bus to then catch our tram and hysterically laughed our entire way home.


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