Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grazie! Thank You! Dammit! Gracias!

On a bright and early Thursday morning, two of my roommates and I set off for our first country hopping experience.  He were headed to Barcelona and couldn't be more excited.  Luckily we had a smooth and successful day of traveling and arrived in the beautiful beach city in Spain.  It was actually really surprising how easy it was to go from one country to another...I was waiting for the double and triple checking of my passport and the baggage searches but we just walked right off the airplane and headed off to our hostel.  A train, rail switch, and a couple of metro stops later we were en route to drop off our bags and search for food.  Unfortunately my map reading abilities are not as good as my metro skills and we ended up a little confused and lost.  Three girls with backpacks standing around a giant foldable map scream lost tourist.  We must have amazing karma though, because the sweetest old man came to us and wanted to help.  One of my roommates knows some Spanish which helped and we just handed him the address to the hostel; he starting walking away, looked back at us, and motioned us to follow him.  This angel of a man delivered us to the entrance of our hostel and we could not have been more grateful!

We checked in, freshened up, and went searching for anything that resembled food.  The area around our hostel was so cute and had so much character.  We walked down the main street, lined with quirky clothing stores, candy shops, creperies, and restaurants.  He hopped into one of the restaurants, looked at the menu, and were so grateful to see something other than pasta and pizza listed.  We ordered patatas bravas and they were so unbelievably amazing!!!!  Spain is known for this tapas dish of cubed and fried potatoes covered in a spicy majo sauce.  My mouth is salivating just thinking about them.  All in all we had patatas bravas about four times while we were there because it is so good.  I'm going to find the recipe and try to make them myself.

After some dinner and a much needed nap, the rest of our traveling buddies, Matt and his friend from Florence arrived, and we all got ready for our first night out in Barcelona.  Our destination was the Dow Jones Bar, and after a half hour of heels...we made it.  This themed bar lists all of their drinks and shots on television screens with their fluctuating prices.  The more popular the drink, the more expensive it is.  The less popular ie the grosser it is, the cheaper the price.  Caity, my roommate, and I really wanted pina coladas; they were on the pricier side so after we ordered, the price shot up to six euro.  Anytime a drink reaches six euro, a siren goes off, the market crashes, and all the prices drop like crazy.  We got a round of applause from the whole bar.  The atmosphere was so fun and it was great just hanging out, people watching.  We all wanted to do a group shot so we all made our way to the bar and looked at the names; the names were inventive...from Blue Smurf to a Gummy Bear.  Somehow we all decided to take this shot called a Bearfucker.  We asked what was in it but the bartender said no asking what's in it - if you like the name, you order it.  The brave souls that we are, we ordered the Bearfucker and stood in silence as she poured tequila, Jack Daniels, and Southern Comfort into the tiny glasses.  I am proud to say, I took the shot like a champ.  That thing could put hair on your chest.  I did it once and will never do it again.  Barcelona day one down, two to go.    
One of our roommates (a redhead) couldn't come so we replaced her for some photo opps

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