Monday, April 11, 2011

Praha and the Angry People That Live There

I am officially the worst blogger ever.

Prague was never really on my radar - I mean, I heard AMAZING things about it, but I never thought I would make it there.  My roommate randomly was looking up organized trips through this travel website and bing, bam, boom I was on my way to Prague...on a bus...for a sixteen hour ride.  The bus ride was downright painful, but we finally arrived in the gorgeous and freezing Czech Republic city.  We had just enough time to drop off our bags and freshen up before we headed out to explore.

We only had two full days in Prague and we wanted to see as much as physically possible and I'll give you a glimpse of just a few of the many things we saw and were lucky to experience.

John Lennon Wall:  A once normal, blank wall is now covered in poems, art, and Beatles lyrics all inspired by John Lennon.  Lennon was a hero and inspiration to the pacifist youth in Prague and during the 1980s they used the wall dedicated to Lennon to express their frustrations with their government and hopes for the future.  Now tourists who come and visit can leave their mark on the famous wall

Prague Castle:  Not to sound corny, but this is the most magical thing I have ever seen in my entire life.  It took some leg work to make it inside the castle walls and it took even more work to climb up the central tower, but it was all worth it to take in the view of the gorgeous building and the magnificent view from the top.  My roommates and I were in shock and I was even speechless, which almost never happens.

Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square: This clock was voted one of the most disappointing historical sites in the world haha.  It is a gorgeous clock that chimes each hour as moving wooden puppets dance.  The puppets don't dance so much as they turn side to side or raise an arm up and down.  Disappointments aside, it is still a breathtakingly beautiful clock.

Prague Zoo:  The zoo is one of the top ten zoos in the world!!  After a big flood that hit Prague and destroyed most of the zoo, it has been dramatically redesigned and it is so cool.  The plethora of animals they have are overwhelming - we went to the farm, the sahara, the arctic, africa, indonesia, the mountains, and so much more.  The animal enclosures are the best thing about the Prague Zoo - the animals are crazy close to you and they even get to have beautiful open spaces to roam.

Charles Bridge:  The Charles Bridge is an old gothic bridge that crosses the Vltava River.  One our first days there we climbed to the top of one of the bridge's towers and took in great views of Old Town Prague - I climb far too much stuff when I travel. It wasn't until our last day there that we realized we had never actually walked across the entire bridge so we got over there as quickly as possible to span the bridge, take in the view, and take ridiculous amounts of pictures of the numerous statues that flank both sides.  Everything about Prague was magical and this was no exception.  Bundled up in our hats, scarves, and gloves my roommates and I made are way across the bridge stopping to look at street art and saying goodbye to our new favorite city.

Prague was so unbelievably amazing, even with the angry people that live there - I swear they hate life haha!  The sites and the food were ridiculous and I am so so glad I was able to experience this city for myself.

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